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underpass graffiti in Boulder, CO

I thoroughly enjoyed this, probably because I have spent my fair share of time alone in airports. 

I don’t want to complain, because I mean, I am lucky to have a job, let alone two, which pay better than most. However, after working 60+ hours for three weeks in a row, yet still not having accumulated any savings, is rather frustrating. Housing deposits, college application fees, and various medical bill payments have left me scraping by yet again this month. 

Anyway, it sucks. And I am tired. Cheers to the government and their new education debt program, though. 

Also, sorry for all of the commas.

today I submitted my first university application in three years. I’ve never wanted anything more. Fingers crossed over the next few weeks of wonder. I’m hoping things will start to go the way I wanted them to all along, and that I just took the scenic by-way to get there.



In the Palestinian village of Bilin — near the West Bank city of Ramallah — residents have planted flowers in hundreds of spent Israeli tear gas grenades collected after clashes with Israeli security forces.

The garden is “meant to show that life can spring from death.”

(Via The Associated Press: West Bank garden of tear gas grenades. Photo credit: AP Photos/Majdi Mohammed.)

Gotta say this is a special addition to the Unconsumption archive of weaponry repurposing examples

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oh, absolutely!

hardly slept last night. three separate dreams of you dying in different ways was absolute terror. I woke up crying twice in fear that something had truly happened to you. the real fear that lingered in the morning when I realized they were just dreams: how much you mean to me.

what. are. you. making me feel like this?

I found an apartment!! 

Things I am really looking forward to:

  • a south facing bedroom, walk out balcony and wood floors
  • bathtub
  • wood-burning fire place
  • den with wall length windows for creative things
  • sharing a home with my dear one
  • garage-saleing to fill my home!
  • not hearing the train every night

New job is great, with a lot more responsibility on me than I anticipated-which is a very good thing. Looking forward to this summer, and fall even more.

Also, my climbing buddies (all two of them) are out of town this week. So I practiced in my new katanas by climbing the sides of my house. Talk about seeing things from a different perspective, looking into your third floor bedroom window from the outside window sill…weird. 

Also x2, my toes hurt. 

to the man who threw the five dollar bill at me today for a $4.50 latte telling me to keep the change, put it towards a college education.

1. If I wanted money thrown at me I would be in a different workplace, next time please consider putting the currency into my open hand when I extended my arm to you. (Not at all saying an industry where money thrown at someone is wrong by any means here)

2. .50 to my college education? Ok… maybe if I thought you took my strive for a college degree and funding seriously I wouldn’t be so offended, but the fact that I knew you were talking down to me as if I were a lesser person than you because I work at a coffee shop, keep your coins, asshole. If you really want to help someone gain their degree, skip the fancy latte for a week or two and then think about offering a kind financial gesture to them.

3. If your day seemed a little more sluggish than usual, it’s probably because you got a decaf latte in return for your shitty attitude.

4. If we do meet again, I apologize now and hope our next encounter is a more positive one. Think about your actions and words because some of us might just be trying very hard to go to school and can’t actually afford it.

</angry customer service industry rant>


Evolution of the NASA space suit.

(via starsaremymuse)