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Finding a job sucks.

grumble grumble so so relevant

On a brighter, vitamin D filled note, 

spring has absolutely sprung in Boulder. My herbs have grown significantly in the abundance of sunlight and I planted some tomatoes and thyme today. We put up the slack line today (which I am no better at than I was last year, but still working hard to get across) and practiced with the company of Bob Marley and some MI brews. I did not realise that I even had winter blues until how much better I felt in the warm sunshine today.

edit: why the heck did I write ‘today’ so many times??

Dear Automobile Traffic,

Please use consideration when pulling out of a driveway not to block a bike lane, slamming on bicycle brakes is considerably less effective than a vehicle. Also, when turning, please kindly look over your shoulder to not plow over a bicycler. It is written in drivers education to treat a bike as a motor vehicle which you would not merge lanes without checking so as to not hit another car, right? I will in exchange always use appropriate hang signals and stop at lights while wearing my helmet. 

Best regards,

Your roadside neighbor, biking home. 


Works in progress that I will never finish. At exactly these points, I gave up on all these pieces. The reasons are all over the place, but ultimately, it wasn’t going where I wanted. Sometimes I pass the point of no return, and have to finish a piece even though I know it won’t be good. Currently, I have a folder with over 120 PSD files in various stages of progress, although all are unfinished. 10% of them may be completed, eventually…maybe.


Unpopular Astronomy Object of the Week: Earth’s “Other Moons”

Isn’t it amazing that Earth seems to be the only planet with only 1 moon? Well apparently, that’s false.

Earth has short-lived satellites, or "Mini-Moons".

A brief history on the discovery of Mini-Moons: In 2006, the Catalina Sky Survey of Arizona found an object orbiting Earth, a natural satellite other then the moon. It was named 2006 RH120, it was a tiny asteroid, but it fit the definition of a moon. But by June 2007, it was gone.

At least it was a rare isolated event, right? Wrong. It turns out, at any given moment, Earth has a natural satellite (other than the Moon) that is about 1 meter in diameter.

Also, if Mini-Moons aren’t enough, there are objects called "Quasi-satellites" that don’t exactly meet the qualifications for a moon or natural satellite. A example of a Quasi-satellite is Cruithne, which some people (incorrectly) call it Earth’s “Second Moon”.

this is interesting. Can anyone explain how the small object holds an orbit or rather, what gravitational force it is orbiting about?

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damn, that is incredible. Saturn, you sexy planet, you. 

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The beautiful, sad, shifting state of wild ice: Geomorphologist / photographer James Balog travels the globe to capture the twisting, soaring forms of the world’s vanishing wild ice. In 2009, he wowed the TEDGlobal crowd with his time-lapse photos of the shifting landscapes of the world’s icy habitats.

Above, some striking footage from his project Extreme Ice Survey.

Watch the whole talk here»

hahaha I can so relate

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#john is me when i look at my favourite book

How many books can Benedict take in one hand jesus christ

8 apparently. 

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Comet Coffee by mfophotos http://flic.kr/p/mf96a3